Want to Make Sure Your Cars Chassis Is Kept Clean?

Mobile Auto Detailing Tips for Chassis

Get together all the tools you need.
Ask any reputable mobile auto detailing company and they will tell you, that working on your car’s under-body is nothing like splashing water on it. You have to work on the nether parts of your car in order to properly dislodge any grime, rusty debris and to use a degreaser when needed. That being said, you need all the tools to work on jobs which are within arm’s reach. Some of the things are brushes of different stiffness, heavy-duty wash mittens, tweezers, a hose with spray nozzle, a degreaser, car wash solution, oil, and a Phillips screwdriver, to name but a few. (more…)

Why Waxing Your Car Is So Important

Why Mobile Auto Detailing Experts Swear by Car Wax

Car wax is a substance which is rubbed onto the exterior of a vehicle and is a firm favorite with every mobile auto detailing professional. After which it will be left to dry before being buffed off, this is used to add a protective layer to a vehicle’s paint and clear coat. It is made using a combination of carnauba and other natural waxes. The carnauba wax originates from a carnauba palm tree, which is usually found in the Brazilian rainforest. It produces the wax to protect its leaves to retain moisture during the hot summer months, and will usually be harvested during certain months of the year. (more…)

How to Wash the Exterior of Your Car

For Mobile Auto Detailing with Impeccable Results

Cleaning your automobile doesn’t have to be a task you undergo every few months. You have to know that your vehicle takes a lot of beating from the direct sunlight, dirt, and grit from the roads, as well as from the everyday exploitation as a whole. So, what can a proficient mobile auto detailing technician advise you about caring for your car’s exterior? (more…)


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