Why Mobile Auto Detailing Experts Swear by Car Wax

Car wax is a substance which is rubbed onto the exterior of a vehicle and is a firm favorite with every mobile auto detailing professional. After which it will be left to dry before being buffed off, this is used to add a protective layer to a vehicle’s paint and clear coat. It is made using a combination of carnauba and other natural waxes. The carnauba wax originates from a carnauba palm tree, which is usually found in the Brazilian rainforest. It produces the wax to protect its leaves to retain moisture during the hot summer months, and will usually be harvested during certain months of the year.Mobile Auto Detailing Las Vegas NV

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Auto enthusiasts use this on a regular basis, as it prolongs the life of a vehicle. It adds a protecting layer on the car’s paint which will protect it against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, which will eventually fade the color of the car’s paint. It will also protect it against dirt, road salt, and can even help prevent rust from starting. Wax is also used to keep moisture off the car’s bodywork.

How often people wax their vehicle usually depends on a great number of factors. Such as the environment the car is in, inclement weather, sunshine and road treatments can all damage a vehicle’s exterior. The cars overall paint condition should also be taken into consideration too, in addition to the quality of wax which is used to protect a car.

Car wax is made specifically to coat and protect a vehicle, but, it can also be used to create a high shine, making a vehicle attractive to auto enthusiasts and passers by. The more wax which is used, the more shine can be achieved. Keeping a car shiny does improve its appearance and can often increase its resale value.

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