Mobile Car Washing Service Tips on Car Polish

Car polish is a product which not only gets rid of dirt and grease, it can often be used to remove minor scratches and scrapes from cars paint. This is a product which many mobile car washing service professionals use and is available in creams, liquids or spray form. Car detailing is the in-depth cleaning and shining done on vehicles. Most polishes do contain solvents like turpentine which will clean auto paint and remove any impurities from it, in order to bring the shine back out.Mobile Car Washing Service Las Vegas NV

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Even though car polish does bring out the shine in a cars paintwork, it is important you understand that car polishes are not the same as car waxes. This can be somewhat confusing for most people, due to the fact some waxes are sold as polishes, however, these 2 products are not actually the same. Car wax is applied to cars paint and acts like a protective layer. This is not abrasive and will fill in minor dents in the paintwork. However, polish is slightly abrasive and is used to remove surface grime.

While car polish is often used before actual waxing, car wax must never be used for polishing. As wax does, in fact, seal dirt and impurities in, rather than remove them which polish does. Decades of dirt build-up and sunlight exposure can give cars paint a dull look, which can be brightened and improved using a quality polish. The polish can sometimes remove minor scratches and scrapes too.

Car polishing should be done using a soft clean cloth. Once you have added a large amount of it onto the cloth, use circular motions to polish your car. Some people go as far to use an electric polisher, however, this is not recommended by most experts, due to the fact these polishers sometimes remove too much of the surface material and could expose the undercoat.

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