Expecting Some VIP’s?

Expecting Some VIP’s?  

What Is Involved in a Mobile Auto Detailing Company?

A mobile auto detailing company is dealing with a more in-depth cleaning of a vehicle. This kind of cleaning is generally provided by a company or an individual that specializes in this type of work. A wide range of services is available, including rim waxing, exterior polishing, and engine washing. These services are available for most automobiles and can include motor homes, sports utility vehicles, motor homes, and even boats.

When someone pays for mobile detailing, they are looking for and entitled to more than just a standard wash. Detailing is considered a professional service, which means there are numerous factors which set mobile detailing apart from standard vehicle washing. One of the biggest differences is the price. Mobile detailing does have a higher price tag than a basic car wash.

Another difference is the product selection available. Individuals that work in the detailing business will pay more attention to the product lines they use on their clients’ vehicles. Some will even allow their clients to choose which ones they want, plus, this same care is given to the tools used to apply the products.

Another big difference is the list of services which are also available to a mobile auto detailing company. Some will concentrate more on the exterior of a vehicle. Should this be the case, then hand washing, as standard, is provided at an extra charge. Exterior services can often include cleaning and polishing the rims, cleaning the door panels, and pressure washing the engine.

Some clients want their cars’ interiors cleaned also. This generally involves vacuuming all the floors and seats. Many of the surfaces, including the gear shift, dashboard, and cup holders are cleaned too. The vehicle’s vents are often cleaned, and any leather interiors will be treated with specialized products. To book an appointment with our auto detailing service, please call Xtreme Detail LLC in Las Vegas, NV now at (702) 381-5673.