How to Properly Clean Your Car’s Engine

How to Properly Clean Your Car’s Engine  

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A dirty and dusty engine can make your vehicle’s performance less responsive. When considering auto detailing, many drivers totally forget about the engine, but it’s the most important component without which no vehicle can run. In this blog post, you will see more information about how to clean and protect your engine properly:

  • Preparing it; Your first step is to prepare your engine by removing any debris caught in the engine bay. Before the essential cleaning starts, you have to eliminate all accumulated large particles, such as tree leaves, sticks, pine needles, and other debris. They can become a real pain and even cause a fire if they get stuck in the engine’s electrical system. Do not forget to look for small animal nests, especially when the weather is cold. Your next step is to disconnect the battery as you will need to clean it as well. Cover all exposed wires and cables with waterproof wrapping plastic bags.

  • Degreasing it; After you let the engine run for 5 minutes (no longer to avoid burning yourself while cleaning it), you have to remove the grease. You can spray a quality engine degreaser from the bottom up until it’s totally covered. Just don’t forget to read the instructions beforehand. Avoid applying the product to your car’s paint though as it can remove the luster. Let it stay on the engine for 5 minutes. Using a stiff bristled brush, you can begin scrubbing the grime and filth. For this purpose, we strongly recommend you to wear protective goggles to avoid small particles getting into your eyes. After that, rinse the engine with a standard hose.

  • Additional cleaning; For better results, you can buy a wire brush and use it on the battery terminals. If your battery has corrosion due to leaking acid, you can apply some baking soda and water on the terminals.

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