How to Remove Ash From Your Car Body

How to Remove Ash From Your Car Body  

Presented by an Experienced Car Washing Service Provider

Volcanic ash clouds are a constant menace for some regions in the U.S. That means a thick layer of ash falling into your vehicle’s body and paint in particular. If left behind, it can cause permanent paint damage. So, you should know how to take care of such a problem in a timely and effective manner. A skilled car washing service provider advises:

Consider this as a serious warning: when volcanic ash and dust are left on your car’s paint for too long, it leads to impairment due to it rubbing into to the surface. You can see all those small gray particles, but once they settle on your car’s body, they will inevitably damage the paintwork. So, if you live or need to drive to an area with a recent volcanic eruption, to protect your vehicle, you must take immediate action. Don’t leave it for later or tomorrow!

Taking a moment to read this article may save you hundreds of dollars on automobile repainting. If you give it a regular car wash, you can cause even bigger issues, as mixed with water, those ash particles become extremely abrasive causing millions of scratches on the paint. Never wipe your vehicle with a normal dry cloth as it will be like treating it with sandpaper. Plus, never use a normal garden hose at high pressure to remove volcanic ash and dust.

Instead, wet your car thoroughly to loosen the dust deposits. Next, you can use a car shampoo with neutral pH to eliminate dirt. Prepare two buckets of water and use a sponge for the cleaning procedure. Make sure to rinse the sponge frequently. Try to cover all areas and try not to miss any crevices, like the areas around your wipers on the windshield and windows. It is also a good idea to open the hood and check for those gray particles around the engine as they can make it fail.

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