How to Wash the Exterior of Your Car

How to Wash the Exterior of Your Car  

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Cleaning your automobile doesn’t have to be a task you undergo every few months. You have to know that your vehicle takes a lot of beating from the direct sunlight, dirt, and grit from the roads, as well as from the everyday exploitation as a whole. So, what can a proficient mobile auto detailing technician advise you about caring for your car’s exterior?

  • Park your vehicle in the shade; To boost the effect of your washing, parking under a tree or shed is a good idea. Not letting the direct sunlight dry out the moisture too fast will help you lower the risk of leaving visible streaks and stains on the paint.

  • Read the labels; If you have already bought several car wash products, we recommend you to read the labels before you start doing anything on your automobile. For instance, if you have a top-quality paint wax, you’ll want to know how to apply it to achieve impeccable results, right?

  • Wash your vehicle; Giving your valuable asset a good initial wash will help you remove the built-up dirt, dust, and mud. Hosing the exterior down with soap will eliminate or at least loosen all contaminants. Make sure to use a car wash soap and not a regular kitchen detergent.

  • Prepare the surface; Cleaning your automobile with a hose and soap is not enough. Now, you have to check the surface for imperfections and rectify them accordingly. Just run your hand over the bumper. For really stubborn stains, you can utilize a clay bar to get rid of them. To remove scratches and etches, you will need a compound applied with special pads.

  • Wax the surface; For accomplishing great end results, the exterior detailing process should end with a good wax. Apply it according to the label instructions to protect your car’s exterior from the whims of the weather.

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