Mobile Auto Detailing Tips for Chassis

Want to Make Sure Your Cars Chassis Is Kept Clean?



Get together all the tools you need.


Ask any reputable

mobile auto detailing

service and they will tell you, that working on your car’s under-body is nothing like splashing water on it. You have to work on the nether parts of your car in order to properly dislodge any grime, rusty debris and to use a degreaser when needed. That being said, you need all the tools to work on jobs which are within arm’s reach. Some of the things are brushes of different stiffness, heavy-duty wash mittens, tweezers, a hose with spray nozzle, a degreaser, car wash solution, oil, and a Phillips screwdriver, to name but a few.



Put on your car’s emergency brake.


Loosen your wheels lug nuts to the rear, however, don’t remove them yet. Use a jack to lift the rear of your vehicle to a working level which you find comfortable and then prop them up with jacks. Now you can remove the rear wheels to gain better access to the wheel arches.



1. Spray the underbody with water this will loosen the debris which can often cling to the surface.



2, Use your cleaning solution and leave it to soak for about 20 minutes. When this is done, scrub off all the caked-on dirt using one of your stiff brushes or your wash mitt. You can use your tweezers on more stubborn debris. Apply the degreaser for any areas which still

have grease and grime on them.



3, Spray your car with water once more, this will remove any dirt you missed.



4. Dry the chassis using a clean microfiber cloth. And focus on any painted surfaces, as you do not want moisture to sit on the paint and penetrate it, as this will promote rust setting in.



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