Not Sure If You Have Enough Time to Take Your Car to a Detailing Service?

Not Sure If You Have Enough Time to Take Your Car to a Detailing Service?  

How Long Does Mobile Car Detailing Take?


mobile car detailing service

usually take as little as 30 minutes to a full day, all depending on the state of your vehicle and the

detailer you use. The fastest detail services are mobile ones, as they bring all their tools to either your home or office. They can perform a quick detail in 30 minutes, or do a more comprehensive job that will include waxing and dying carpets which can take quite a few hours. These detailers are extremely convenient for people that do not have the time to take their car to a service.

When you take your car to a private detailing shop, you should expect a turnaround time of no less than 3 hours. As some private detail shops are used by dealerships to clean their used cars, so you may even have to make an appointment to bring your vehicle in. A private detail shop, however, does employ multiple detailers all of which will work as a team to clean your vehicle.

The best-detailing work is often done by car dealerships, however, they can also the longest. So you can expect the dealership to take at least one day to detail your car. If the dealership needs to keep your vehicle for longer, find out if they can give you a service loaner so you do not have to be without any wheels for the day.

To properly detail a vehicle, various products are needed. Ranging from polishes, waxes, glazes, clay bars, and detailing solutions, the list can literally go on and on, depending on how thorough a job you want. All of these products, however, can cost a lot of money, especially when they are bought all at once, so anyone interested in a thorough detailing job, the cost of a professional detailer all of a sudden does not seem that much.

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