Some Interesting Facts about Car Washing

Some Interesting Facts about Car Washing  

Mobile Car Washing Service History

Keeping your car clean both from the inside and out has many awesome advantages. If the weather worsens and it started to rain again, you can see how messy and muddy your vehicle has become. Auto detailing is not something you can plan three or four times a year. Regular washing will extend its lifespan and improve its efficiency. Would you be curious to find out more facts about the mobile car washing service?

  • Fact # 1. People have successfully found a way to wash their vehicles ever since these incredible machines were invented. However, there were no car washes like these days. They either cleaned them themselves or paid someone else to do it for them.

  • Fact # 2. The first car wash was established as a legitimate business in 1914 by a man who named it ‘’Automated Laundry’’. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t automated at all, but it was only a garage where specially-trained attendants could wash people’s cars using a standard soap, sponge, and pail.

  • Fact # 3. The first really automated effective system was invented 30 years later, in 1940. It used a winch hooked for the bumper and pulling cars into a tunnel from one end for soaping, scrubbing, wiping, and drying them. Then, they go out clean from the other end. Those systems successfully operated in Europe until 1930’s.

  • Fact # 4. The first semi-automatic car wash in the USA was invented by a man named Thomas Simpson in 1946. His system used enormous brushes with detergent to scrub away the grime of cars’ bodies, as well as manual air blowing equipment for drying them out.

  • Fact # 5. The first fully-automated car washing system in America was invented in the early 1950’s. It was a great breakthrough for its time. It used a tunnel with fully-automatic machines that sprayed a soap and water for scrubbing dirt away, then water again for rinsing, and finally powerful blowing air for drying them out.

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