Some Typical Auto Detailing Blunders

Some Typical Auto Detailing Blunders  

Why a Professional Mobile Car Detailing Provider Is Doing it Best

If you have decided to wash your vehicle yourself and save a few bucks on professional mobile car detailing, that’s OK. However, be prepared for not achieving the desired results due to making some common car washing mistakes. They are:

  • Not parking your vehicle in shade; Many car owners believe that by cleaning their cars in direct sunlight, the moisture from the auto body will dry out faster and, hence, the automobile will be ready to drive. But this is a misconception. All professional car detailing companies warn the automobile owners not to make this blunder because their cars won’t look cleaner at all. The water and detergent will dry out swifter in the sun, spots are more likely to appear on the paint. It will be a complete waste of time, professionals advise.

  • Using kitchen cleaners to do the job; This is another very typical mistake. The cleaning solutions you use in the kitchen are just that – to be used for your kitchenware. There are special automobile cleaners you can use for both your car’s interior and exterior. Most of them are not that expensive and you can buy them at any auto supply store.

  • Applying waxes and polishes directly on the body; Liquid waxes and polishes should never be applied directly to the body’s surface, experts warn. If you don’t want to leave scratches you haven’t had before, pour them on your cloth first and then spread them onto the surface.

  • Cleaning tires and fenders last; Many drivers believe that leaving the wheels and tires last is a good thing to do. Since they are usually the dirtiest parts of your vehicle if you do that you may splash filth to the just-cleaned car body.

Instead, why don’t you let our mobile car detailing specialists in Las Vegas, NV to take care of that tedious and delicate work? Xtreme Detail LLC is a professional company offering timely and affordable services with impeccable end results. If you want your vehicle to look like new, just give us a call at (702) 381-5673.

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