What Is the Best Car Buffer?

What Is the Best Car Buffer?  

Why Mobile Car Detailing Service Uses Buffers

A car buffer is used by almost every professional

mobile car detailing service

. However, homeowners can purchase them for home use too. Every buffer is orbital and turns at high speeds so the wax is applied to a vehicle in a polished manner. Even though hand waxing can do this too, a car buffer is able to do this in a fraction of the time.

There are various things you need to bear in mind when it comes to using a car buffer. Even though a car detail shop makes it look all too easy to use, auto buffers can, in fact, damage a car. Which is why it is so important, whenever buffers are in use, to ensure the car has been cleaned, dried and free


all debris. This is because when a buffer is rotating at high speeds, any debris which was left on the car will scratch the surface. This includes sand and dirt granules, this is why most professionals advise against using a buffer on windy days.

There are 2 kinds of buffers, which are pneumatic and electrical. The former uses air as its main source of power. While the latter just plugs into the nearest electrical outlet. Each one comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Pneumatic car buffers are lightweight, which means they are easier to handle than their electrical counterparts. But, for those that do not have a portable compressed air supply, then the ability to using it over distances is greatly diminished.

It could be a good choice for people that are not planning to use it outside of their garage or shop. An electrical car buffer is an excellent choice for people wanting to take it to different places without having to drag along compressed air supplies. And, they are quieter than the compressed air ones. Lastly, electrical auto buffers are cheaper than pneumatic buffers, at least when you compare similar models.

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