Why Professional Car Washing Services Do a Better Job

Why Professional Car Washing Services Do a Better Job  

What a Mobile Car Washing Service Uses to Do Their Job

Sponges and towels

These are some basic

mobile car washing service

equipment that is needed to properly clean a vehicle. Although there are some mildly different sponges available today, many of them are all the same, which means you do not have to be so choosy. So long as they are not abrasive, then you should be good to go. With regards to towels, you should only ever use microfiber cloths, due to the fact they will not leave any fibers behind. Another good choice is a microfiber wash mitt, these will make your job go even easier.

Professional cleaning products

Most people use a professional cleaner when it comes to washing their vehicles. There are various products available to choose from. These cleaning products have been specifically made to fight against even the most stubborn of dirt and grime stuck on your vehicle without causing any harm to your paintwork.


There are also various kinds of brushes available which helps you to detail your vehicle. These need to be used when you are looking for more than a quick wash and go, that will also include interior detailing. However, this does take much more time, and the end results are outstanding. Everyone’s detailing equipment must include quality brushes such as an A5D or an A7D. And, don’t forget a brush to use on your calipers and spokes, in addition to one which you will need to clean the wheels and fender.

Waxing and sealant

Washing your car can leave it looking like new, however, if you are looking to get an even greater shine, then nothing beats a good waxing. You can use this either manually or a spray-on version, each

one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For even better results, you should also buff your vehicle too.

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